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  1. An unexplained rash

    August 18, 2012 by Dan

    Every Trip has a Beginning

    Our trip in Allergy Land began when Sprout was just a few weeks old. His face was a constant red with some little raised bumps that would come and go. The first signs of real trouble came when I’d pick him up and he’d immediately bury his face in my shoulder and begin rubbing. The first few times, I thought maybe his nose was a bit stuffy, that I’d disturbed his sleep, or that he did not like the feel of my shirt. To compensate, I’d wear my softest shirt or put a clean pre-fold on my shoulder. Nothing I did worked. And, as we learned later, his nose was not stuffy.


    Cas sitting down with mouth gaping open. A red rash covers the left side of his face and body

    This photo showing a red and splotchy rash is representative of the first couple months.

    So we talked with the pediatrician. At first, she told us all babies have that rash. According to her, it is the same stuff as cradle cap. It just shows up everywhere on some kids. She gave a few suggestions to clear the cradle cap. But none of her suggestions worked. Then she suggested that it might be some form of yeast. So to combat it, we mixed a probiotic with breast milk and fed it to him.


  2. Allergen-Free Personal Care and Household Products

    March 20, 2012 by brett

    I’m going to take a break from talking about cooking tasty, allergen-free food and focus on a related issue: finding allergen-free personal care and household products.

    Finding personal care and household cleaning products that don’t have allergenic ingredients can be a challenge. Furthermore, since hugs, kisses, and general horsing around is common in our household, everyone in the family uses only allergen-free products to avoid accidentally touching Sprout with anything allergenic (e.g. allergenic soap residue, lotion, hair gel, etc. on our hands, face, and hair). (more…)